Ova Magica - An adorable farming and monster taming game!

Created by ClaudiaTheDev

Inspired by Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher and beloved classics like Harvest Moon and Pokémon! For PC, Switch, XB1/SX and PS4/5.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

October Dev Update
27 days ago – Mon, Nov 01, 2021 at 01:20:26 AM

Happy Halloween!

The Spooky Moon Festival

Today is an eerily beautiful day and we are excited to tell you about our October progress! Our protagonist has also been busy and started preparing his farm for the spooky day of the season!

Last Reminder: Surveys on Backerkit will be closed on November 23

Until then you can add addons and change your rewards on Backerkit.  After that, no more changes will be possible. Also keep in mind that your credit card will be then charged with the additional amount on backerkit.

Important: Closing the survey does not affect your address! You can change your address at any time until shortly before the items are shipped.

Please fill out your survey if you haven't already:


New Blobs, Characters and Interiors

We are working hard to bring a variety of different blobs already in the Beta. In October, these three new blobs have been created: Hog Blob, Dessert Blob and Beach Blob. 

Which one is your fav♥?

Hog blobs roaming around
Dessert Blob
Beach blob enjoying the sun

Our artist Ichigo has also finished the portrait for Coral! Coral is Pearl's younger sister. She is the leader of the adventurers club and has a strong and fierce personality! 

Coral and her cheetah blob!

We also worked on the adventurers club interior which is also an orphanage! The members are one big family and the children love to listen to the stories of the adventurers.

Character Creation

We finally got around to pulling the character creation interface out of prototype status! The base UI is ready, but we are still working on adding more colors, outfits, accessories and styles for hair, eyes and beard. There will also be an option to choose your own color and not only the preset ones!

In the video below you can get a first impression of the character creation. And don't worry all the options are not gender locked! Also the current colors are a small selection for testing, there will be of course more colors available♥

(The confirm dialog at the end will of course get a proper text too:) ). 

When you have any ideas or wishes for a hair styles or outfits, please let us know in the comments♥! 

We also try to offer also a variety of hair styles for textured hair! Here are some of them:

Game Intro

Until now, you were dropped into the middle of the story in the game. In October we worked mainly on the game intro! You arrive in Clover Town and of course you get to choose your first Blob! Here are a few impressions (but we do not want to spoil too much, so there is only a small insight)!

On the way to Clover Town!
Your first important choice!

The beginning of a great friendship...

Not everything goes so smoothly...

When animation goes wrong

Last but not least we wanted to share this funny bug with you :D

Indie Game Shoutout: Space Chef

Space Chef is an open-world, erm... open-galaxy game combining fun cooking, crazy crafting, gun blasting action and anything but your usual farming. Explore a vast procedurally generated universe that is different each playthrough. Meet and interact with interesting humans and aliens. Best of all, bring your friends on delicious adventures with up to four player couch co-op. Coming to PC and all major consoles.

Click to go the Space Chef Kickstarter campaign

You can support the game here!

September Update - News on Beta Access and Release Date
about 2 months ago – Sun, Oct 03, 2021 at 07:32:00 AM

Surveys will be closed on November 23

This is the first announcement that surveys on Backerkit will close on November 23. Until then you can add addons and change your rewards on Backerkit.  After that, no more changes will be possible. Also keep in mind that your credit card will be then charged with the additional amount on backerkit.

Important: Closing the survey does not affect your address! You can change your address at any time until shortly before the items are shipped.

Also a gentle reminder: Please fill out your survey if you haven't already (there are still over 160 open surveys):


(Info: The reason why the surveys will be closed this year is the complicated taxes in Germany. It is much easier to regard the amounts for Kickstarter and the addons on Backerkit in one tax year. The Backerkit Preoder Store is not affected by this and will remain open.)

Backer's Beta access and release date update

Your support that has been shown to the project is phenomenal. In return the team has been working really hard to meet that support - and show frequently the kinds of things being worked on and progress. So we hope you've enjoyed all the update posts made so far, and these will, of course, continue♥! 

However, it's just true that sometimes things need longer to be worked on, in order to create the best game that respects your dedication to the idea. While the scope of the game hasn't increased dramatically from what was planned - the development schedule was drawn up to accommodate the fact these could be implemented - it's become clear that there was a miscalculation on the amount of time it would take. Contributing to this has, not least been the fall-out of events from the past 2 years which has disrupted a lot of life and the nature of working, but also the need to respect the fact that the team working on the game just shouldn't be subjected to crunch. There's been several noteworthy disastrous game launches over the past year - the results of crunched developers and over-committed deadlines - and Ova Magica will not join those ranks. 

Given the amount of content being made, from a current "bird's eye perspective", a more realistic timeframe for the launch of the beta test and backer's builds will be in the second half of 2022, instead of the first quarter. This also means the full release of the game will most likely also be in 2023, in order to account for the new schedule and timeline of things.

While we understand that this may be disappointing, it's necessary in order to deliver the best game possible to all of you who have backed the campaign. Rest assured that substantial progress and content updates will be brought to you regularly as you've already seen, so you know the extra time is being used for working hard on Ova Magica!

So now to the more pleasant things♥:

New Blob World Preview

We started working on the stone age and desert inspired blob world. It's still empty, but we'll share with you the first impressions and a new blob that you can get there!

Fossil Blob

First Swimwear Potraits created

Thanks to you we reached the pool stretchgoal and so all romanceable characters get a potrait in swimwear! Our artist Ichigoranch was diligent the last weeks and has drawn the first potraits! 

From Left to Right: Charoi, Jade, Ruby, Lazuli

Romanceable character Events

Together with Renkka,  our writer, we continued to work on some events of the romanceable characters. Here you can see short impressions of Emerlad and Carnelian!

Wedding Outfit Teasers

Our 2d artist ichigoranch has created two more beautiful wedding potraits. Can you guess the characters?

Toolbar Improvement

Not only is new content being worked on, but things that are already built in are often reworked to give you the best possible game experience. That's why I've (Claudia) rebuild the controls of the toolbar! 

Again with the reference above to the delay: Our top priority is to create a good game for you and so we also sometimes decide to invest time to improve things that were already "finished".


To assign an item to the toolbar, you had to open the inventory, navigate to the item, and assign it via a button press. Thus, only 10 items were quickly available via the toolbar. Constantly opening the inventory quickly made the process tedious.


The toolbar now reflects your inventory. Items do not need to be assigned to the toolbar. You can quickly change the column (1-10) but now also the row (1-4) by a button! So you have comfortable quick access to all 40 item slots and the inventory does not have to be opened again and again.

First Backer 3d Models

The first characters have been created! Here is a small preview (their blobs will be chosen later):

From left to right: Jesti, Frumpy, Brendan, Amélie, Vitas Varnas, Moonstone

All design tiers have been conatced via email, however, we have not received a response from all of you yet. We know how busy life can be so another reminder email will be send by the end of October. But you can also contact us at any time at the following email address: ovamagicahelp [at] gmail.com

Project Shoutout: Ankora: Lost Days - A cute-as-heck exploration adventure

Discover the planet of Ankora in a single-player survival adventure with exploration and crafting. A tale about growing up, relying on others to overcome challenges and connect with nature.

Some of you may already know the developers, Chibig, and that they make wonderful games! The masterpiece Summer of Mara was made by them!

Also the developers are very selfless and helped during our Ova Magica campaign! This is absolutely not common for developers who are already famous and successful to help smaller unknown indie devs: Some of you probably only knew about Ova Magica thanks to Chibig! 

That's why we ask you to give a little love back and take a look at the Ankora: Lost Day Kickstarter campaign♥!

August Dev Update
3 months ago – Wed, Sep 01, 2021 at 03:26:49 AM

This update is a big one! That's why I start with the most exciting part!

First of all, I want to thank you backers again!  Because this was only possible thanks to your generous support💚! As some of you know I (Claudia) am not a native english speaker and I am also not gifted with words. Therefore, I am even more excited to share this news with you, as it is the best thing that could have happened to Ova Magica.

 Ova Magica now has a professional writer🥳 - Meet Renkka!

Renkka is a writer who specializes in visual novels and character-driven narratives. She's worked on games such as BTS Universe Story, Bistro Days, and Mizari Loves Company.

Renkka enjoys writing about anything from coffee shop romances to thrilling paranormal adventures, and, now, about the wonderful, colorful world of Ova Magica!

Her creative inspirations (and all-time favorite titles) include Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, and The House in Fata Morgana.


Portfolio: https://rxnkka.wixsite.com/home

The last weeks we have already worked diligently on the events of the romanceable characters. Here are some teasers for you!

New Blobs

I created some new blobs for you💚

Birthday Blob

For your (in-game )birthday you will get this special blob🎁

Lotus Blob

These blobs live in the pond and do not like to be disturbed. They are not necessarily the strongest but the fight with them should not be underestimated. Due to their special skill "Healing Lotus" they are especially dangerous in groups. (You can see more about the lotus blob below under "Fishing").

Orca blob

These blobs are spotted near Clover Towns's beach, especially during the winter season "Frigus".

Many wished for a shark blob but there will be none base blob in the game. However, you can breed the orca and tiger blob relatively easily into a tiger shark themed blob. Here is an example:

Sheep blob🐏

Cute and fluffy and it can produce wool!

Wedding Outfits👰 

Our artist Ichigoranch has started drawing the first wedding outfits. Thanks again for helping us reach the wedding stretch goal, as it made this financially possible💚!

I don't want to spoil the special moment for you, so I'll show you only small teasers of the outfits. But I can assure you, they are gorgeous!

Can you guess the character?


Some time ago I asked you for ideas and feedback for the fishing system. Most of you wanted a simple system and no complicated mini game. Thanks to your feedback I could now finish the base and I present you here the new mechanics!

1. Watch where you throw your bait!

These water lilies look suspicious...

Blobs don't like to be disturbed and can get angry when something hits them in the head!

2. Watch the bait closely!

In the video below you can see that the color of the exclamation mark changes. If you press at the "right" moment (black) then you catch a fish (or sth else). If you press in the "wrong" (red) a battle starts. So watch the bait well! I have intentionally chosen that you can see when a blob bites so that you can avoid the fights. However, through the battles you also have the possibility to get some blob eggs... so what will you hunt - fish or blobs?

(The octopus in the video is just a placeholder. I am still adding fish to the pond😂)

Usability Improvement

You can now challenge characters to battle with a simple button press instead of a tedious dialog selection! The test video below shows you how it looks.

Thank you for reading + Design Tiers

The next month I will take a week or two off to spend time with family. But I will contact all the design tiers so we can start working on your in-game characters💚!

Please remember to fill out your survey on Backerkit if you haven't already, so I know how best to reach you!


If I don't contact you by September 19, feel free to reach out, but I'll do my best not to forget anyone!

Thanks for reading so far and have a wonderful September! 


I ask for your help!
3 months ago – Sat, Aug 21, 2021 at 04:58:51 AM

Hello together!

This is not yet our regular August update! But I have a request and ask for your help!

It's about the Kickstarter campaign of Spindle!

There are only 10 days left and the campaign could use your support! If you can't support the project financially, sharing it on social media or telling your friends about it will help a lot💚!

By the way, the devs don't know that I write about it in my update, so if you back the project feel free to write in the comments that you came from Ova Magica😜

I'm all about supporting indie devs and these guys look really nice and are from Germany too. I wish them very much that their dream comes true and with your help they can still make it💪!

Here are a few impressions:

Spindle - An Action-Adventure about the Death and a Pig

Click to go to the Spindle Kickstarter campaign

In SPINDLE you'll explore classic puzzle dungeons, search for your lost abilities, fight tricky bosses, come across different villages and help the villagers there from suffering.  And the best of all: The Pig is playable, too! ;)

July Update!
4 months ago – Wed, Jul 28, 2021 at 07:04:18 PM

Survey Reminder + Design Tiers

We still have 198 unanswered surveys. If you haven't filled yours out yet, you can do so via Backerkit!


Also, I will be contacting all the design tiers in September to work on your characters. For this it is important that your survey is filled out so I know how to contact you♥!

Romanceable Character Events

I am currently working mainly on the events of the characters. Here are a few snippets of cheeky blobs!

Charoi's blob Oz loves to play pranks!

This face looks like trouble...

Saphir's Blob Chip loves fish!

New Blob

Here is a new Blob i added! The Squirrel Blob loves to eat nuts and feels most at home in the autumn season Ceres. I can't wait to see all the great blob combinations you will create by breeding it!

New Outfit and hair styles

The character creation has been extended by a new outfit and some hairstyles. How do you like our new outfit "Farmer Dress"?

(Customization UI is still a quick prototype and not done yet.  It will be reworked)

Farmer Dress Outfit and new hair style

Restaurant Activity

In the restaurant you can go out to eat with your blobs! 

If your friendship with a character is high enough, the friendship (and date) activities will be unlocked and you can then also go eat together in the restaurant.

After you try a dish for the first time, you learn the recipe! 

Indie Game Shoutout - GO HEROES: Prometheus

“GO HEROES: Prometheus” is an innovative cross-genre game based on Greek Mythology. You play as the Titan Prometheus, and through the game, you unravel his myth while activating shrines that connect the past with the present. In your journey, you will face fierce enemies and mind-bending environmental puzzles, but fear not! Valuable skills will be given to you while mighty followers accompany and assist you in your mission to Steal the Fire from the Gods!

Click to go to the GO HEROES Kickstarter campaign

Some may remember the cute cutout figure of Finn that the devs at Go HEROES created for you! 

As a little thank you, I just ask you to check out their Kickstarter campaign!